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A Love Story – The Poet & The Musician

Michael Dale | United States | 8:20 Two former lovers reflect on their past love through their art. Viewing Instructions

Do Re Mi Fa

Chris Zarb | Malta | 2016 | 2:18:00 An ensemble set in Malta that focuses on four characters: Bozo, a children’s party clown who is a closet pedophile; Claudia, a stage actress who is paralysed with feelings of insignificance and is driven to do the extreme; Kyle, a family man with a deaf son who …Read more »

Leaving Syria: Long Live the Youth

Yara Atz | Switzerland | 2017 | 33:33 French, Arabic with English Subtitles After a few years of war in their country, a group of young Syrian friends decide to leave the Middle East and hit the road together to come to Europe. Through every step, their music and their friendship help them hold on. Viewing …Read more »

Structures of Nature

Martin Gerigk | Germany | 2016 | 18:39 German with English Subtitles “Structures of Nature” is an audiovisual journey through the inner worlds of experiences in the form of a three-part interaction between four narrators, twelve violoncellos, emergent sound events, and rhythmicized synaesthetic video sequences. A symbiosis of visual processes as well as natural and …Read more »


Sean Hartofilis | United States | 2017 | 1:10:00 Twitter A widowed songwriter at a wooded lake house sees his dark past pervading when a mysterious young couple trespasses on his property. Cast Sean Hartofilis Lindsey Dumont Matt Montemaro Phoenix Gonzalex George Hartofilis Producer Sean Hartofilis Viewing Instructions


Pragati Kolage | India | 2017 | 2:00:00 Marathi with English Subtitles A film, Palyadawasi, is based on the real fact of the hapless ‘Paradhi’ tribe in India that has been suffering from injustice by police and other elements of the society. Unfortunately, they still have to live on outskirts of town as they are …Read more »

The Hermitage Theatre. A Golden Age

Manas Sirakanyan | Russian Federation | 2017 | 1:02:33 English, Russian, Swedish with English Subtitles The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg contains many masterpieces but five of them are on permanent display: lining the River Neva, they are the five buildings of the great palace complex itself. But even among these magnificent buildings, one …Read more »

Waking David

Kevin Nash | United Kingdom | 2016 | 1:29:00 Facebook | Twitter During a lecture tour of England, Scarlett, an American psychologist decides to look up Amy, her half-sister and find out about her father who died 10 years earlier. She is surprised to encounter a family that won’t communicate with her or each other …Read more »

Your Day

Ginger Gonzaga | United States | 2017 | 31:00 A young couple, Jack (Jason Ritter) and Jane (Ginger Gonzaga), spend the entire day in a mediocre hotel room. What starts like an awkward 30th birthday celebration eventually becomes a joyous day of binging on junk food, acting silly, and playing a charming scavenger hunt. It’s …Read more »

Won’t Somebody Think of The Children?!

Giorgi Plys-Garzotto | United States | 2017 | 14:03 Amanda and Catherine, both in third grade, are writing a comic book together about feminist superheroine Sergeant Laser. They are hurrying to finish as their deadline approaches, and their “publisher,” their classmate Andy, refuses to give them another extension. When Amanda strikes up a romance with …Read more »