Andreas Berger | Austria | 2017 | 10:39

Anna, a Medium in the middle of twenty wants to play a dangerous game. She meets Eric Ulf, a shady trader of less common curiosities. She gets a Tarot-Deck with special characteristics and Eric dedicates Anna to the rules of an ancient ritual. He warns her, however, not to stand up before she has finished the ritual. Anna takes the box with the cards and goes on the way to perform the ritual. She sits down at a table. A pentagram is inserted into the table. She opens the box, takes the cards and counts them. She notes that a few cards are missing, but continues with the ritual. Anna draws six cards and places them in front of her. Every time she reveals a card she experiences visions and premonitions, around Anna the creatures on the cards seem to wake up to life. After she reveals the last card, they move by themselves to the top of the pentagram and the pentagram itself fills with blood. Suddenly the hanged man emerges next to her and she is terrified so that she jumps from her chair. The hanged man pushes her to the wall and leaves only from her as the queen of disks emerges from the shadow. Finally the demons overwhelm Anna and make her one of theirs. In the meantime, Eric Ulf has found a new victim for his card game. Before Eric lies the card game, the top card is the princess of disks, the picture on the card shows Anna.

Anna Pretterer
Dominik Habe
Stephan Hofer
Simone Hauber

Andreas Berger

Andreas Berger
Anita Berger
Rudolf Berger