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Sami Natsheh, Arly Jones | Spain | 2017 | 19:53

Spanish with English Subtitles

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Colors is the story of Tito, a blind boy who leaves the big city to spend a few days with his Grandmother Fina who he has never met before in a small town in Alicante. There, he finds pure friendship in Candela and her dog Patuchas with whom he discovers the simplicity of living in the countryside, and the liberty and strength of doing things on his own without worrying about his disability.

Xenia Grey
Alex Muñoz Gil
Rocío Silveira-Márquez
Isabel Morcillo Ruiz
Javier Cano Marín
Ksenia Fetisova
Sergi Ferrándiz Brotons
Pablo Martínez Pérez
Rosa María Medina Camarena
Cristina Vaello Alumbreros
Massimiliano Nadalini
Alejandro Fernández Sánchez
Rosa Navarro Fernández

Sami Natsheh

Horizonte Seis Quince