Gio Kaptra | Italy | 2016 | 17:00

Italian with English Subtitles

The “Life is an empty pit…” In 1981, the Italian poetess Amelia Rosselli (Paris, 28 mars 1930 – Rome, 11 February 1996) published the poem Impromptu and recorded it live. In the short film Impromptu, the protagonist plays the poet and her tragic end down a shaft. During her last flight, she replays the poem Impromptu in her mind, as the sound of a stream of consciousness, and visually recovers its multiple and complex metaphors, which fuse together personal myth, history and politics. The actress also plays a second role, the young woman who awakens after dreaming of being dreamt by the poet through an out-of-body or near-death experience… toward the final ignition of images… a spiritual/transcendental voyage… à la JL-Godard… from death to rebirth.

Sara Mercorelli

Officine Mattoli