Into a Dark Mind

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Harley Wallen | United States | 2017 | 1:57:00


The senator’s son and best friend in an effort to get some action from a couple of hot bartenders but it all goes wrong from there as Justin (The Senator’s son) gives in to his dark urges and kills one of them. The other young lady escapes and gets the police involved but is questioning everything when they find no signs of foul play at Justin’s and later disclose that Amanda (the survivor) has signs of LSD on her system. Her father fresh out of jail senses there is more to the story and decides to see what he can find out on his own.

Tom Sizemore
Dennis Haskins
Kris Reilly
Kaiti Wallen
Jerry Hayes
Dennis Marin
Henry Frost III
Jesi Jensen
Harley Wallen
Jerry Hayes

Harley Wallen

Harley Wallen
Nancy Oeswein