Salto Mortale

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Giorge G. Souladze | United States | 2016 | 31:00

Georgian with English Subtitles

Mr. Tediashvili is one of the first performers of the Georgian National Circus. In 1957 he left academic theatre and joined the circus. Since then he never stopped performing on the arenas of various cities in the USSR and Europe. In the film he shares his experiences and knowledge, his life stories and adventures, sometime sad, but always funny. He talks about his passions, the roots of circus, how he developed his character, and what his influences were. Mr.Tediashvili has summarized his tales in the autobiographical book “Circus; Art of Unbelief.” He quotes his favorite film director, Federico Fellini, about the drama in the art of clown and reveals his future hopes regarding this art form. Mr.Tediashvili hopes to reach a wide audience to deliver his message about the importance of the art of circus.

Sandro Tediashvili

Giorge G. Souladze
Sandro Tediashvili

Giorge G. Souladze
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