Comedy is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour. These films are designed to make the audience laugh through amusement and most often work by exaggerating characteristics for humorous effect. Films in this style traditionally have a happy ending (black comedy being an exception). One of the oldest genres in film, some of the very first silent movies were comedies, as slapstick comedy often relies on visual depictions, without requiring sound. When sound films became more prevalent during the 1920s, comedy films took another swing, as laughter could result from burlesque situations but also dialogue.

Comedy, compared to other film genres, puts much more focus on individual stars, with many former stand-up comics transitioning to the film industry due to their popularity. While many comic films are lighthearted stories with no intent other than to amuse, others contain political or social commentary.

U.S. and foreign films

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Under My Spell

Shihyun Wang | United States | 2017 | 6:50 See what happens when you try to turn your golden charm into greenbacks. Cast Cameron Place Sean Chen Toneata Morgan Morgan Krueger Writer Shihyun Wang Producer Shihyun Wang

Lets Get A Room

Sam Cieri | United States | 13:23 Abbey and John get a hotel room to attempt a steamy one-night stand. “Let’s Get A Room” is an off-beat black and white comedy about two people, an erection, and pancakes. Cast John Hays Nyssa Duchow Julia Hoffman Writer Sam Cieri Producer Sam Cieri


Steve Mark | United States | 2016 | :53 A Puppet film. Inside a seedy bar, a patron expresses their appreciation of the local brew. Cast Kurt Hunter Wayne Krefting (puppeteers) Writer Steve Mark Producer Steve Mark Jud Williams

‘Merica Man

Dr. Scott E. Brosius | United States | 2017 | 21:27 Three inept robbers are too lazy to profit on their criminal activity until one of them has the idea of being his favorite hero in the flesh. Cast Dr. Scott E. Brosius B.J. Halsall Kathleen Lowry Michael Litherland Dennis Burby Dan Umec Michelle Price …Read more »

Best Friend

Cory Reeder | United States | 2017 | 6:34 After moving across the country a little girl finds more than a best friend when her parents let her adopt a dog. Cast Gitane NeilKey Cast Kim KendallKey Cast Robert BuscemiKey Cast Doc FarrowKey Cast Anicka HaywoodKey Cast Diana Elizabeth JordanKey Cast Andrew Julian Alverado Writer …Read more »

Love and Other Stuff

Joe Ferrera | United Kingdom | 2017 | 7:00 Facebook Love and Other Stuff is an original short film which throws out preconceived concepts of gender. A “noir” comedic take on life; we pull back a curtain on suburbia, crumbs, relationships, status, obsessions, sensuality, jam, desire, and consequences of working from home. Cast Cameron Jack …Read more »

Stealing Zen

Liz Manashil | United States | 2017 | 5:00 Facebook | Twitter A jilted scientist (Abigail Wright) recruits her sister (Christine Weatherup) to help her gain control in the only way she can – by sneaking into her ex-fiance’s (Sean Wright) house to steal back her lucky rock she left behind. A nosy neighbor (Kara …Read more »

Soft Makes More Might

Peter Chen | United States | 2017 | 5:00 Walking Horse walks by, when he sees three people in the middle of a conflict. Alex, with blind sided determination, wants to take Nancy his ex-girl friend back home with him. But Nancy wants to stay with her friend Peter and she tries her best to …Read more »

00 : 39

Ellie Harvie | Canada | 2017 | 9:39 Facebook | Twitter Two women venture into the woods to scatter their friend’s ashes and fumble for a way to say goodbye. Cast Kalyn Miles Debra Sears Writer Audrey Martin Producer Harrison Houde Debra Sears Heather Hawthorn Doyle

This is Ed!!

Bob Hiltermann | United States | 2017 | 7:00 Facebook | Twitter “This is Ed!!,” is a lighthearted comedy based on a true story, illustrating that the difficulties two deaf friends have communicating with each other, can have a humorous side. In the summer of 1973, Steve and Ed are best friends living in the …Read more »