Experimental cinema or avant-garde cinema is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.

U.S. and foreign films

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Riding the Ox

Burton Pritzker, Alexander Bingham | United States | 2015 | 16 m RIDING THE OX A 12th Century Zen Parable. An experience evoking an altered state, a place where I can’t alight, a place where everything is something else, a place that is hidden from view but contains all that is real. I found that …Read more »

Square 1

Tom Knight | United Kingdom | 2016 | 12 m Facebook | Twitter A young man goes for an interview… Cast Matthew Leeson Mark Taylor Eve Harding Roger E Horland Jim Smyth Viewing Instructions

The King and the Crown

Charlotte Neuwels | United States | 2016 | 1 m The premise of this film was inspired by the book “The Libertine”. Symbolizes the paradox between men vs. power, light vs. dark, nature vs. order. The King and the crown is a confession of the human soul. Viewing Instructions

The Calling

Chris Boyd | United Kingdom | 2016 | 3 m with English Subtitles Facebook | Twitter The beginnings of life jump cut to the a temporal fluidity of networked nudes that form a spiraling galaxy. “remarkable” “a poet in a frenzy” legendary director Werner Herzog “undisciplined genius” “one of our most important artists” controversial English art …Read more »

The Copyist

Kőszegi Tamás | Hungary | 2016 | 7 m Facebook The office photocopier sees much more than we can imagine. In the darkness of the copy room anything can happen. The Copyist is the first narrative story ever made with a photocopier. Cast Simon Attila Valu Rebeka Viewing Instructions

Monday’s Child

Arden Teresa Lewis | United States | 2016 | 5 m Facebook | Twitter An elderly woman finds a dead body on her way home from the grocery store. She is confused by it’s gender. As she waits for 911 to send help, she communes with the imagined spirits of both possible genders of this now lost …Read more »


Simon Williams | Australia | 2016 | 13:00 An inspiring journey that dives deep into the reflection of one man coming to terms with the breathtaking nature of time. Cast Phillip Hinton Joel Franco Josh Oliver Producer Simon Williams Viewing Instructions

The Vivisected Earth

Sean Purcell | United States | 2016 | 15 m Facebook “The Vivisected Earth” is an essay film that follows a man as he wrestles with the ethics of his own consumption. Cast Sean Purcell Micayla Smith Viewing Instructions

Love Somehow

Kate Cheeseman | United Kingdom | 2016 | 30 m Twitter “Genius is a terrible thing.” A finalist for best short at the forthcoming Crystal Palace International Shorts Festival, Love Somehow is the story of Caitlin Thomas. She was a dancer, writer and the woman behind the famous/infamous and brilliant Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas. She partied …Read more »

February Zero

Florian Hackl | Austria | 2016 | 40 m German with English Subtitles If it doesn’t happen, it will happen soon. FEBRUARY ZERO is a post-apocalyptic description of state from a first-person point of view, in which the audio drama of the Austrian group Fang den Berg melds with Machinima elements into a mind-constricting, audio-visual cosmos. The …Read more »