Films which awaken the human spirit, connect us to the one Source, or reveal the Dharma. These are films that lift the veil of familiarity between you and the world, revealing the beauty and mystery in the universe.

U.S. and foreign films

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Blossoms of Faith

Samuel Omole | United States | 2016 | 44 m Facebook | Twitter Twenty-three days before her wedding, Betsy McLean loses her sister to a stroke. The bride-to-be must take a journey of faith before she can walk down the aisle. Cast Kelly Madan Tracy Coffey Dejan Jelaca Christopher Dawson Brielle Raddi Faith Rosalie-Dunn Maria DiBello …Read more »


Brian Patterson | United States | 2017 | 12:40 On an ordinary day, and an ordinary trip to the park, Jesús, who uses a wheelchair to get around, begins to see that his life will be different from the other kids’. Cast Eli Juarez Producer Diego Cazarez

Priest to Priest

Diana Losen | United States | 2017 | 9:25 A nine-year-old priest seeks a mentor to help him defeat the antichrist, a devious middle-school bully. Billy Tread (9) delivers a passionate prayer and is overheard by the unconventional, wise Father Williams. Billy introduces himself to Father Williams as a fellow priest but before he can …Read more »

The Confession

John La Raw | Republic of Korea | 2015 | 19 m 15 s Korean with English Subtitles A cheerful young Catholic priest met the murderer, a repentant old dying sinner, of his father during hearing confession. As a priest, he must forgive him. But as a human being, it was so hard to forgive the …Read more »

Yehudah, the Son Born in Praise

Tim Savage of Accelerator Films | United States | 2015 | 11 m Beginning with the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah we move down the ages showing Jesus as fulfilling the prophecies of Jacob over his son, Judah, as well as the prophecies of Isaiah and Micah, and the mystery revealed in the name of …Read more »


Konstantina Kotzamani | Greece | 2016 | 29:43 Modern Greek (1453-) with English Subtitles The Leopard Shall Lie Down with The Goat The Wolves Shall Live with The Lambs And the Young Boy Will Lead Them 12+1 Kids and The Carcass of a Whale Washed Ashore… Cast Felix Mangelfield


Brandon Chappell | United States | 2014 | 11:33 Facebook A young rabbit named SPOOF and his moose friend, Max, are confronted by an evil fox that hates rabbits. SPOOF must learn to overcome his fear of the fox through love. A story about the dangers of seeking revenge. Cast Brandon Chappell Chance Chappell Charter …Read more »

The Great Destiny (Le Grand Destin)

Patrick Schneider, Paul Saint Hesse | France | 2017 | 1: 15:00 French with English Subtitles Musical fresco, moderno opera, telling with lyricism a thrilling story of human evolution from prehistoric times to nowadays, during which the consciousness discovers its power of resilience. Cast Olivier Rech Jean-raoul Lacote Lyré Gonti Beatrice Vernhes Yves Breton Patrick Edène Hélène …Read more »

Awakening (Το Κάλεσμα)

Yiannis Stravolaimos | Greece | 2016 | 1 h 33 m Greek with English Subtitles This film is about the story of a young child who was raised in a very loving family. His mother (Maria) though, was suffering from an anatomic issue in her eye. As a result of that, young Thomas (child’s name) came closer …Read more »

Yom Kippur

Kim Hays  | 2016 | 1 m 7 s This is a public service announcement-style video illustrating the meaning of Yom Kippur. This film was made in conjunction with the Jewish Studies class at TVT aka (Tarbut V’Torah)