Films which awaken the human spirit, connect us to the one Source, or reveal the Dharma. These are films that lift the veil of familiarity between you and the world, revealing the beauty and mystery in the universe.

U.S. and foreign films

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Light and Silence

Peter Szabo | Canada | 2016 | 5 m 53 s After a young woman is murdered, she and God watch a playback of the moments before and during her death, and discuss God’s refusal to intervene. Cast Raven Cousens Michael Woodley Duncan McLellan

Drowning In My Own Discontent

Tyler A Horn | United States | 2016 | 8 m 14 s Facebook A visual representation of one man’s journey through life and faith. Cast Henry McDonald

Jesus Alive Again: from the Last Supper to the Ascension

Ray Downing | United States | 2015 | 25 m Facebook We invite the audience to travel back in time and experience what the apostles saw which caused them to believe that Jesus was alive again. The face of Jesus in this film is a digital interpolation of information found on an ancient piece of linen known …Read more »

St. Mary of the Isle: A Century by the Sea

Eric Krywe, Andrew Rossi | United States | 2015 | 19 m 38 s This film focuses on St. Mary of the Isle Church in Long Beach, New York as it celebrates it’s 100th year. A brief history of the past century of the church’s existence is highlighted. Interviews of current and past parishioners, the youth minister, …Read more »

Yom Kippur

Kim Hays  | 2016 | 1 m 7 s This is a public service announcement-style video illustrating the meaning of Yom Kippur. This film was made in conjunction with the Jewish Studies class at TVT aka (Tarbut V’Torah)

The Job Paradox

Savio Sequeira | Ireland | 2016 | 29 m 23 s A contemporary Irish vision of The Book of Job with Shakespearean undertones. Inspired by Stephen Mitchell’s brilliant translation of this Biblical classic, the works of William Shakespeare and the engravings of William Blake.


Aaron Kamp | Australia| 2014 | 12 m 9 s Facebook Years after a tragic event, Jay is confronted with the choice to accept forgiveness, or to hold onto his guilt.


Steven Frohardt | United States | 2015 | 14 m John picks up his family, having had a little too much to drink. The drive home turns into a nightmare and a lesson in God’s mercy. Cast Jack Serino

Cuckold Picasso

Lance Larson | United States | 2016 | 5 m English, Spanish with English Subtitles Twitter | Website “A powerful, jolting experience to the senses that forces the viewer into introspection.”- Persis LOVE, Oaxaca FilmFest Synopsis: Pablo Picasso’s “1971 Harlequin Head”, thought forever lost in a Romanian fire, is found vividly alive in the disturbed psyche …Read more »

Tuned In

Matthew Marshall | Canada | Production Year | 13 m Facebook | Twitter Emma, a teenager who disobeys dinner table rules of her parents by having her cell phone at the table gets grounded until she learns to get priorities straight and learn the value of relationships. Viewing Instructions